World Mental Health Day, why do we need it?

We live in a stressed out world. The fact that we need a World Mental Health Awareness day tells us that.

We consume the equivalent of  two copies of War and Peace in information every day. Over 34 gigabytes of data in print, social media, television and the internet.

World Mental Health Day
The University of California’s research shows we consume 34 Gigabytes of information every day. That’s 100,000 pages of text, or more than two copies of Tolstoy’s War and Peace. Is it any wonder that we feel stressed all the time?

But we’re running the same software in our nervous systems that we did when we lived in caves. We are just not designed for the relentless information overload that modern living throws at us.

Phones and Email relentlessly distract us.

Open offices overload our senses.

Social Media posts make us think that everyone else has life sorted and are blissfully happy. We don’t see them when they are stressed, depressed or anxious about how they are going to keep up appearances.

And stressed people around us make unreasonable demands of us because it’s easier than dealing with the root issue.

Our brains tell us the number of friends and connections means we are liked.

But our hearts disagree and inside we feel lonely.

This is the world that we’ve created.

And yet, if we look hard enough and in the right places, there is enough compassion and kindness to make us all feel genuinely great.

When we feel great we are productive.

And if we spend just a few extra minutes a day connecting, laughing, joking and caring about other people, we will all be a little happier, healthier and more productive.

Then we won’t need World Mental Health day any more.

Don’t just share a post today.

Do something more, if only a little.

What can you do to make a difference?

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