PEGASI Smart Sleep Glasses II: Better Sleep in a Blink

Do you find getting to sleep difficult? It could be your melatonin regulation, and here’s how tech can help.

Sleep problems have become a main factor affecting people’s quality of life now. Irregular bedtime schedule, long-distance travel, and heavy work may result in disordered biological clock and thus affect sleep quality.

A hormone created by the pineal gland which helps your body to know when it’s the time to sleep and wake up.

Normally, your body secretes a high level of melatonin at night to help you fall asleep. And the secretion level goes down at sunrise.

The amount of the light your body received determines how your body adjusts your mood and energy.

Timed light exposure treatment is recommended as a drug-free method to control and improve the timing of melatonin production.

NASA uses timed light exposure treatment to improve astronauts’ sleep quality in an alien environment for the human body.

PEGASI Smart Glasses for better sleep, are available on Kickstarter now, shipping in August
PEGASI Smart Glasses for better sleep, are available on Kickstarter now, shipping in August

PEGASI are bringing this technology to Earth in “Sleep glasses” that you wear for 30 minutes in the morning to regulate your circadian rhythms, balancing melatonin production so that you fall asleep and stay asleep when it’s time for bed.

Once the Suprachiasmatic nucleus receives the light signal from PEGASI, an order will be sent to the brain to inhibit the secretion of melatonin.

This inhibition can last a few hours to help you stay away from sleepiness. Based on the ideal biological clock for most people, the best using time is 7 am – 9 am. After daytime, melatonin will be released drastically to help you fall asleep smoothly in the night.

The glasses are available for preorder now and ship next month. Come back for a full review later in the year.

You can order them here:

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