Organisational Stress Risk Assessments

Stress is the epidemic of the new Millennium – World Health Organisation

In this time of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA), growing and maintaining a thriving company is a real challenge. In 2017, the number of UK businesses going in to administration rose for the third successive year. The shadow of Brexit looms large and even the most predictable of business plans have some “rough guess” about them.

But it’s not all Brexit’s fault. After all we can look back at a succession of global crises that launched as many businesses as they closed. Opportunities arise during chaos and as such it’s the businesses that can get the best out of their staff, develop and retain intellectual property that will flourish in this VUCA economy.

Our talent is our competitive advantage, but how do we keep them performing?

But adapting and thriving in this environment is tough. Making long term investments in equipment or business systems is risky when your requirements might change mid-project.

The Main causes of work stress - taken from a survey of over 3000 employees conducted by Perkbox in late 2017
The Main causes of work stress – taken from a survey of over 3000 employees conducted by Perkbox in late 2017

So, we turn to the capable and intelligent talent in our organisation to handle that uncertainty. And if they have the capacity, commitment and resilience to handle the extra stress, this is a good option.

Until they can’t handle it any more. Which we might not spot until it’s too late.

So, as you consider this, let me ask you:

  • Where are the stress points in your business?
  • What is stress costing you in lost productivity and customer satisfaction?
  • How is stress affecting your ability to recruit and retain the right people?

Stress is a risk to your business, do you understand how much of a risk?

When people suffer from stress, they don’t care where it comes from. Most people can handle a stressful work life OR a stressful home life, but few can handle both. As an employer it’s your responsibility to know how much stress the business is placing on your staff, and that you have taken reasonable steps to eliminate or mitigate stress, the same as any other threat to wellbeing.

With an Organisational Stress Risk Assessment, you can keep your staff performing brilliantly

With a NEXUS8 Organisational Stress Risk Assessment, you will gain an objective insight in to the key factors affecting the stress levels in your business, including:

Current perception of stress across your business

The major internal and external sources of stress, including:

  • IT
  • Processes and Procedures
  • Culture
  • Client pressures
  • Supplier pressures
  • Resourcing and training

You will also gain recommendations and insights in how to deal with these issues quickly and efficiently.

Best practice assessment compliant with UK HSE Management standards and beyond

Matthew Hatson, Stress, Resilience and Decision-Making coach, licensed coach in NLP, MBIT, Heartmath

Your report includes a simple graphical impact assessment and pragmatic

recommendations that you can apply immediately. Fully compliant with HSE Management Standards for Stress, as well as international best practice, including the widely used Heartmath Personal and Organisational Quality (POQA) Stress Assessment proven with over 10,000 organisations on 5 continents, your report gives you an objective benchmark of the impact that stress is having on your business, and where it hurts you most.

Let’s start improving today

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