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Reduce Employee Turnover and Improve Performance and Engagement

In these uncertain, volatile times, with so much competition, it’s the businesses that can think clearly, creatively and with an engaged workforce that have the edge. Resilience is the answer.

Stress related absence cost UK businesses over £7bn last financial year. Neuroscience has shown us that unmanaged stress can reduce your IQ by more than 15 points, that’s nearly a 20% drop for your average person! Imagine what that’s doing to the decision-making in your organisation?

Did you know that unproductive emotions such as anger or frustration come with over a thousand biochemical changes in the body? And that some of the hormones produced stay in the brain for over 12 hours, inhibiting executive function? When stressed, even smart people make stupid decisions. It doesn’t have to be that way.

The Stevenson-Farmer "Thriving at Work Review", October 2017 highlighted the impact of poor mental health on UK business and proposed Wellbeing Strategies be implemented by UK businesses
The Stevenson-Farmer “Thriving at Work Review”, October 2017 highlighted the impact of poor mental health on UK business and proposed Wellbeing Strategies be implemented by UK businesses

Managing stress before it affects your staff is the most effective method of ensuring good mental health

The Stevenson-Farmer Review published in October 2017 recommended  investing in supporting mental health issues in the workplace. This will be beneficial for both business’s and staff productivity, with the most important lessons to be learned that all employers, no matter the size or industry, must try and enforce six ‘mental health core standards’, these are:

  1. Create a mental health at work plan
  2. Build mental health awareness by making information and support accessible
  3. Encourage open conversations
  4. Provide good working conditions and ensure employees have a healthy work-life balance
  5. Promote effective people management, with line managers holding regular conversations about health and well-being with their staff
  6. Routinely monitor employee mental health

The route to a self-sustaining mental health at work plan

To achieve Stephenson & Farmer’s ideal, the plan needs to be simple, effective, scalable and repeatable. And this means it has to help people develop the:

  • Ability to respond appropriately, effectively and flexibly to the ongoing demands of daily life.
  • Ability to monitor, evaluate and modify physiological and psychological state.
  • Ability to initiate, inhibit and modulate physiology, emotions, feelings, thoughts and behaviours.
  • Ability to permit or delay spontaneity or gratification.
  • Ability to be the driver and not the driven!

ResilienceOnline falls under item 2 – Making Support Accessible.

To change your response to stress, you need to know how stress works

This online programme provides short, bite-size lessons to develop people’s awareness of how stress works. This is important because until you understand the sources of stress and how stress manifests in the mind and the body, most people will not “buy in to” any solutions. Our solution provides that insight in simple to follow lessons that have been tested in classroom conditions with numerous students, with extremely positive outcomes.

The Staircase of Resilience - Developing better response to stress

Key features of ResilienceOnline

  • Bite-size lessons, presented on video, audio and written workbooks to suit all learning types and speeds
  • Learn how stress works, how you can measure it and manage your wellbeing better during busy periods
  • Anonymous system means that staff can feel safe that they aren’t being “monitored” by the company
  • Online support provided by experienced coaches and mentors, as and when staff need help
  • Multiple stress-relieving techniques to suit every lifestyle, based on science not religious practices
  • Apps and technologies to help “on the go”

The Many benefits of Resilience Mentoring

The benefits of ResilienceOnline

Typical results of this programme include:

  • Improved ability to meet tight deadlines with better quality work and team dynamics.
  • 25% improvement in focus and creative output.
  • 50% improvement in fatigue levels for same activities.
  • 60% improvement in measurable stress level.
  • 40% reduction in intent to change jobs.

These are achieved by coaching and mentoring people to self-regulate in times of stress and anxiety. Key aspects of self-regulation resilience include:

The aim of this programme is to develop your ability to self-regulate. That is, to be able to manage your state before, during and after stressful situations, such that you are able to think clearly, solve problems creatively, and demonstrate level-headed leadership in times of stress.

Commercial Model

The system is available to clients on a license basis. Clients purchase a number of annual license which are then made available to the employees through a specific license code.

Quarterly reports are issued to our clients identifying how many licenses have been used, and how far through the programme the (anonymous) employees have progressed, and how much correspondence has been made with the employees.


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