Leadership Coaching

Matthew Hatson, Stress, Resilience and Decision-Making coach, licensed coach in NLP, MBIT, Heartmath

What is great leadership?

“Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.” – Sheryl Sandberg

Managing oneself and the stress inherent in a senior role is the first – and often most challenging – dimension of modern leadership. The pressures on executives to perform exceptionally, while growing into an ever-changing role as leader, are intense. Effective leadership demands personal resilience, high levels of emotional intelligence, and the ability to lead others through constant change with skills, compassion and grace.

High performers don’t need a coach all the time. But they do benefit from leadership coaching to keep them performing at the top level consistently, particularly when faced with change. Everything from new market forces and competition to new factors in home, health or ambitions has the potential to undermine performance and, as a result, affect the bottom line.

Great leaders need great teams

And whilst great leaders, CEOs and MDs tend  to detect emergent performance issues, they often don’t have the time or cutting edge skill set to deal with personal change across their leadership team. And it’s at times like these that executive coaching is a cost effective tool to manage change without affecting business or personal performance.

Leadership is not just about giving energy … it’s unleashing other people’s energy.” – Paul Polman

Coaches have the ability to quickly get to the root cause of the issues affecting performance, and develop effective action plans to resolve them. This ability is part skill set; questioning and problem modelling techniques, and part mindset; being able to see past the problem and help the executive find effective solutions.
The six vital areas of being that I address to achieve success and a high quality life
The six vital areas of being that I address to help leaders achieve success
For over 10 years, I’ve been working as a personal and executive coach, coaching people to get more out of themselves and their lives. I’ve worked with entrepreneurs, CEO’s, writers, musicians, directors to help them get more of what they want in their businesses, in their lives, and beyond.
Working with me, you and your team can expect to benefit from:
  • Bringing wisdom to leadership decisions
  • Leading complex emergent change
  • More clarity, confidence and trust in your decision making
  • Greater awareness of your mind biases – your blind spots
  • Deeper creativity from those around you

With a Masters in Business Administration, ILM L7 Executive Coaching, NLP Trainer, MBIT Coach and Heartmath Coach accreditation, I use my extensive business experience in SMEs and Blue Chip Corporations across numerous industries to quickly develop the sort of relationships with my coaching clients that result in greater focus, motivation and the ambition to deliver increased performance from the first session.

Based in Milton Keynes, with great connections to the rest of the country, I coach face to face, by Skype, email and telephone, to suit your needs. To begin exploring what working with me could do for you, head to the contact page to set up an initial discussion on what coaching package is right for your business. Find out more about me on LinkedIn.

“Matt is a natural coach who lives and breathes coaching, and in his own right is a successful business leader. He gets straight to the point and makes immediate positive impact with people.”

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