Laughter is the best medicine? Resilience on the cheap!

I’m a big fan of simplicity, and whilst there’s lots of techniques and technology that are very effective at reducing stress and keeping you well, laughter may not be the best medicine but it’s the simplest!

Here’s some of the immediate benefits of a good laugh:

1. Laughter triggers the release of a cocktail of happy chemicals that boosts the immune responses, particularly components related to anti-viral and anti-tumour defences.

2. Laughter diminishes the secretion of cortisol (the “stress hormone” and epinephrine (adrenaline), so is particularly useful for calming down after a stressful day, and getting to sleep.

3. Laughter stimulates circulation and aids muscle relaxation, both of which help reduce some of the physical symptoms of stress, and aid digestion.

4. Studies suggest that Laughter boosts short term memory performance.

Children laugh all day; from cartoons before they head to school, through playing games, joking and reading funny books. Wouldn’t the world be a different and better place if we all started the day with laughter?

How can you incorporate more laughing in to your day? An audiobook or a stand up comedy recording on your morning commute? Some office banter before or after a big meeting, and some classic comedy instead of the ten O’clock news?

And if you can’t think of anything funny to do, then just laugh at yourself for taking life too seriously!


Experienced business leader, mentor and coach, with fascinations for technology, psychology and ancient philosophies. A self-confessed techno hippy with a unique talent for bringing the best out in people.

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