Job Stress the reason for sleepless nights

International health benefits provider, Aetna International, recently surveyed 4,000 office workers and 1,000 HR Directors across the globe to find out their thoughts on the current state of health care and wellness provisions in the workplace.

As part of the Business of Health 2020 report, employees were asked about their sleeping habits and what causes them to lose sleep at night. The survey revealed that:

  • More than half (56%) of office workers don’t think they get enough sleep
  • Interestingly, employees said that they get 7.3 hours of sleep per night, on average (still fewer than the recommended 8). Of this number, they feel that only 5.3 hours is quality sleep
  • Job stress is the top cause behind employees’ sleepless nights, with more than a third (34%) stating that stress stops them from getting enough sleep
  • Working long hours (29%), using electronics in bed (25%), and financial concerns (23%) are all factors which also stop employees from getting enough sleep

The survey also revealed some contrasting opinions between HR Directors and employees regarding stress in the workplace.

In fact, as many as 38% of employees rated access to support for stress as poor, compared to just 11% of HR Directors – highlighting a significant disconnect between HR Directors and employees’ needs and expectations.

Interestingly, 87% of employees are concerned that stress will impact their ability to work at some point in the future.

Both HR Directors and employees were also asked about the level of support their company/employer provides for mental health. Again, the survey found that there is a significant disconnect between how HR Directors perceive mental health support offered at work, and how employees see it:

While nearly half (43%) of HR Directors think the mental health support at their company is good, only a quarter (25%) of employees agree
Only 16% of HR Directors rated the level of mental health support received from employers as poor, while 32% of employees rated the level of support as poor

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