Stress accounts for 57% of all absence in HSE 2018 statistics

The UK Health and Safety Executive have released the Stress statistics for 2018 and they are even more shocking than expected! 57% of all absence is now stress related.

That means that for every employee you have, they will have on average 2.5 days off per year with stress related illness.

And it gets worse.

Recent research by Nottingham Trent Business School found that each employee will work around 16 days a year when they are sick. This “presenteeism” often goes under the radar and causes a drop in productivity and an increase in poor decision making and mistakes.

Employers need to address presenteeism by encouraging the employee to report any health problems they’re experiencing, then take steps to help them progress back to full productivity rather than taking more time off. This means understanding the stress that the employee is under and giving them the tools to handle it more effectively, before burnout increases the absenteeism!

Reduce Presenteeism through training

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is not making the difference

Another report published earlier this year by the Health and Safety Executive stated that whilst they applaud the roll out of Mental Health First Aid (MHFA), they have yet to see any tangible improvement in workplace wellbeing, and this is supported by this year’s statistics.

Whilst MHFA is a great step forward, it’s not going to fix the root cause, which is how businesses are not aware of the stress risk in the business. Conducting a Business Stress Risk Assessment puts you on the right path.

You can find the latest HSE Statistics report here:

Talk to us about stress risk assessments today and start making a difference to your business.

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