From burnout to best: Rescue Coaching 8 week turnaround

Is this you?

Are you worried that a key member of your team is heading towards burnout?

Are you concerned about how to get them back to their best and avoid sickness or recruitment costs?

Are you frustrated about whether you can keep people because of the pressures of timescales, budgets and customer demands?

If you are, I know how you feel. I’ve been there. I’ve suffered burnout and seen it in my teams. I know personally how hard it can be to recover from burnout if you don’t understand what causes it and how to fix it effectively and stop it from happening again.

You have big plans, you know you can hit your targets and get the recognition your team deserves, but you’re wondering what you can change that’s within your control.

This could be you

Would you like your team members to be happy, full of energy, creative, competitive and ready to seize every opportunity to grow the business?

Would you like this to happen quickly and without disruption?

If so then I can recover key staff from burnout, disengagement or stress issues so that you can get on with the task at hand. Quickly and quietly.

I do this with a unique mix of coaching, biofeedback (Heart Rate Variability) and mentoring taken from elite sport and applied to the business world.

How do I know? Because I’ve seen my clients turn from stressed and burnout to happy and productive in less than eight weeks. Sometimes even four weeks.

The Many benefits of Resilience Mentoring

Procrastination is a stress response

Don’t depend on Mental Health first aid, it’s too late then. Because what you need is a fast, effective intervention using the latest neuroscience and technology.

Because other approaches take too long and you’ll be losing out to your competition.

If getting or keeping your team resilient to the pressure of high performance sounds like something your business needs right now, please complete this form.

90 Minute Session
Skype or Zoom call
3 Coaching Sessions
Resilience Workbook
Biofeedback Sensor
8 weeks of mentoring & email support
3 Coaching Sessions
Resilience Workbook
Biofeedback Sensor
8 weeks of mentoring & email support
ResilienceOnline Training Package
6 Coaching Sessions or 3 intensives
Resilience Workbook
Biofeedback Sensor
16 weeks of mentoring and support by phone and email
ResilienceOnline Training Package

Coaching Sessions

3 phone or Skype sessions aligned with two questionnaires to benchmark stress levels and provide a customised roadmap for recovery to resilience

Resilience Workbook

A self-coaching manual for developing long-term resilience to stress

Biofeedback Sensor

Used with a smart phone to train resilient practices and improve internal sense of wellness

8 Weeks of mentoring and email support

To monitor progress, overcome any obstacles and provide support during the recovery period

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