Bose enter the sleep tech arena with their new Sleepbuds

Do you struggle to sleep in Hotels and when travelling? Audio geniuses Bose may well have solved the problem.

Bose, known for its high-end audio equipment, announced this week that it’s venturing into the sleep tech space, launching its “noise-masking Sleepbuds”.

We’ve all been there. Those nights when you just can’t sleep because annoying sounds—like snoring, traffic and loud neighbours—are keeping you awake. So we decided to do something about it—by creating sleepbuds with built-in noise-masking technology. Designed for comfort, these tiny, truly wireless sleepbuds deliver uniquely engineered sounds that mask unwanted noise and lull you to sleep. So you can wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Bose's sleepbuds come with a charging carry case
Bose’s sleepbuds come with a charging carry case

Sleepbuds are wireless Bluetooth earphones that have been designed to be comfortable enough to use while you drift off to sleep.

However, these aren’t aimed at listening to music, they are specifically designed to mask external noise to help you sleep in those situations where you can’t control the environment. This may be a concern to some, but the simplified technology means that they can be designed to fit comfortably in your ears all night, rather than the bulky technology of more featured earbuds.

With 60% of adults suffering from sleep deprivation, this is a welcome addition to the sleep tech arena.

Sleep deprivation is one of the most common stressors in Western society and is linked to a host of health issues.

The buds offer a variety of “soothing sounds” to help you sleep, including nature sounds and other familiar audio.

The 10 preset sounds are divided into those engineered for noise masking and those for relaxation.

Sleepbuds are out now in the USA and will be available in the UK in the Autumn. Find out more here:

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