Reduce Team Stress with Biofeedback

Health-care professionals worldwide, representing both mental health and medical fields, are incorporating Biofeedback self-regulation techniques and practices into their treatment strategies with notable success.

A growing number of clinical studies and case histories have documented substantial reductions in stress and improvements in performance and wellbeing after a relatively brief time using these techniques and practices.

Collectively, results indicate that such self-regulation techniques are easily learned and employed, produce rapid improvements, have a high rate of compliance, can be sustained over time and are readily adaptable to a wide range of age and demographic groups.

Training your teams in biofeedback

Working in a workshop environment, in a half-day course, we train your team members to:

  • Understand stress and recognise their own ability to manage stress
  • How to measure their stress using their smartphone
  • Spot the signs of stress in others
  • How to avoid the top 3 stressors in the workplace
  • Use Heartmath biofeedback in a sustainable way to enhance wellbeing
The Heartmath Inner Balance Bluetooth Sensor

We utilise the latest Heartmath Inner Balance Bluetooth technology, providing sensors that your team members can use with their Smartphones at home, at work and when travelling. Simple and straightforward performance improvement.

Online Coaching

This technology allows us to remotely monitor the trainee’s practice and stress levels and provide guidance on improving their wellbeing and also how to use the techniques in specific situations and with particular people that cause them additional stress.

Want to know more?

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