From burnout to your best in less than 8 weeks

Resilience training and coaching

A key step in developing resilience to modern day stress, is understanding how stress works and techniques to combat it. Learn simple tools to maintain high performance even under high stress, and the key characteristics of resilient leaders and resilient teams.

What we deliver:

Rescue Coaching – Recovering from burnout in 8 weeks – 1:1 Coaching
Personal Resilience in the Workplace – managing stress in yourself and your colleagues – 2.5 hour talks to up to 40 staff
Leadership Resilience – How to achieve your targets and maintain the wellbeing of your staff – 1 day workshop for up to 12 leaders
Resilient Business – Designing your business and processes to prevent your staff from suffering from stress
ResilienceOnline – Develop Resilience at your own pace with this eLearning programme

Self-paced online e-Learning

Develop a deep understanding of stress and how to self-regulate, at your own pace, online and through mobile app.

The Many benefits of Resilience Mentoring

Improve Your Performance, Happiness and Wellbeing, One to one, workshops and online

Using the latest developments in neuroscience and coaching, combined with biofeedback technology that lets you measure your stress and see your improvements, you will learn resilience techniques and mindset that fit in to your day and don’t require spiritual beliefs or followings. Clearing out stress helps you to focus on what you really want, from work, from life, and beyond. A resilience mentor will make a quick and effective difference to you.

The epidemic of stress

A lot of people are talking about stress nowadays. Last year, stress related absence cost UK businesses over seven billion pounds, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are thousands more people that haven’t got to that stage yet, but for whom stress is affecting their work, their relationships and their health.

I’m Matthew Hatson, and I’m the Resilience Trainer and Consultant. I’ve got over 15 years experience running high pressure businesses and large sales teams, and I’ve experienced chronic stress and I’ve come back smiling. I use a combination of training, technology and mentoring to get fast, effective results for individuals and teams.

Matthew Hatson, Licensed Executive Coach and Resilience Mentor

Matthew Hatson, 10 years' experience coaching people to handle stress, become more resilient and make wiser decisions in life, business, relationships and beyond.
Matthew Hatson, 10 years’ experience coaching people to handle stress, become more resilient and make wiser decisions in life, business, relationships and beyond.

MEET MATTHEW ► Stress and Resilience Mentor and Coach. Bringing many years of experience in sales and business management, combined with the latest research in neuroscience, behavioural modelling and biofeedback, I train, coach and mentor Business Leaders to perform brilliantly under stress, developing mental and physical resilience to the increasing pressures of daily life.

EXPERTISE ► With over 20 years experience of working and leading in high stress environments, I have a degree in Electronics, an MBA, a masters in Coaching as well as postgraduate qualifications in Sociology, Psychology, Training and Neuro-linguistic programming.

COACH & MENTOR ► I have been coaching and mentoring people for over 10 years in areas ranging from confidence and phobias to leadership and life goals. Here’s a recent recommendation: “I have used Matthew throughout my career and have always been struck by his insight and ability to move my thinking forward. ”

RESILIENCE ►Need to be more resilient to stress or train your staff to handle high pressure situations better? Let me transform you or your team’s ability and attitude to stressful situations. I love transforming responses to stress to help my clients be more creative, productive and successful than their competition.

STRESS INVINCIBILITY ► Full turnkey solutions, training, coaching and mentoring programmes to transform your stress response and help you flourish and develop your teams in high pressure environments. I will provide training material and technology specifically targeted to meet your business and personal needs.

READY TO TALK? ► Whatsapp me or call on +44742 8822288. Contact me or send me an email: Tweet me @matt_hatson.

SPECIALITIES ► Stress and Resilience Mentor, Decision Making, Coaching, Mentoring, Training, Coaching, Leadership in Crisis, Phobias, Aversions, TraumaMatthew Hatson Certified Coach mBIT Heartmath NLP Institute Leadership & Management


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