Moving Employees From Stress to Success

Stress reduces IQ and causes the onset of mental health issues. Time to stress proof your business?

Training and coaching Employees to perform under pressure.

Did you know that 57% of Work Absence is Stress Related?

And that Chronic Stress can reduce IQ by up to 15 points? Enough to make a highly qualified expert in their field think and behave like someone just learning their trade.

This has real cost and safety implications in the workplace. For every £1 your business loses in absence cost, stress is costing you over £2!

Which makes Stress something to tackle now?

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At NEXUS8 we:

  • Train Leaders how to handle heavy pressure and still lead effectively whilst making great decisions
  • Train Employees to handle stress better and deal with the conflict that can make stress worse
  • Coach burnt-out staff to get back to their best within 6 weeks.
Biofeedback is the most effective way to learn Stress Management techniques

Using the latest developments in biofeedback, such as Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and neuroscience, we teach delegates how stress works, training powerful techniques to maintain their wellbeing even when under pressure of the important deadline or sales presentation.

With training courses in a variety of formats, we provide a range of training formats for up to 40 staff at a time, to suit your needs.

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